Monday, January 24, 2011

How wonderous the natural jute fiber can be?


Yes, you heard it right. With little creativity and effort, you can make a lovely jute napkin ring at home. For more versatile design, you can mix with shells, beads, stones and any decorative stuff which comes in your mind. See the beautifully made jute ring with the white napkins into it. Here let me share an interesting creative work which I came across. Follow the steps and see for yourself:

  1. Things to keep ready - big jute rope, jute twine, toilet paper roll and any pipe with desired size, waxed paper, shells, glue.
  2. Using the glue, secure the edge of the rope with twine. This will give a pretty look and prevent the edge from fraying. Cover the toilet roll with waxed paper and wrap the rope around and glue it along.
  3. When wrapping is done according to your requirement, cute the rope and again secure the end with glued twine. Now slowly remove the wrapped jute rope from the roll.
  4. Knot the twine and run it through the button hole, unriddle the twine and glue the shells in each piece. 
  5. Finally the decorated button is ready to fix onto the jute ring. Use a good glue to secure the button onto the ring.
See how lovely they are? Mixing two natural god gifted resource and there you go with a pretty ring which reminds you of the first beach party with friends. Not only this, you can use different shells or any anything available around you to embellish the ring. Here are some more picture of such jute ring which you can try out for yourself. Go ahead and surprise your friends!
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