Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Indian Jute Craft


Indian craft work has a rich past. The use of jute and jute trade is dated back in 16th century. Since then jute was used for making commercial commodities however, the trend has been changed now. These days jute is used for making different decorative items. In India West Bengal is known for its rich craft products. An elegant range of decorative craft items are being exported from India. Since its affordable and natural, jute items are considered to the best for home furnishing. Jute basket, mats, wall hangings, toys and container holder is to name amongst the popular jute items. Jute articles can be easily colored and so are found in bright hues that are eye-catching.

Different organizations are promoting jute products by different means. They even provide specific  training programs for design and skill development to keep intact with the current trend. Some organizations are working hard to bring in all the craftsmen under one umbrella. Not in India but jute craft is flourishing in international market as well. For more detail on jute products, manufacturers and suppliers you can browse through different sites which provides information related to the same.
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