Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Matellase Bed Coverlet: Beautiful Bedding Ensemble


Matellase bed coverlets are considered to be one of the most widely demanded luxurious type of bed linens. A matelasse bed coverlet adds a defining touch of luxurious warmth and style to your bedding ensemble. This type of coverlet is a kind of textured bedspread which is made using a jacquard loom which gives it a quilted appearance with intricate detailing. The intricate designs are woven right into the fabric, and they are available in mainly in solid colors, which give the intricate designs a very appealing look.

Matelasse is basically a quilted fabric, which is not only padded but stitched to give a quilt like look. So in some cases, they can also be used as down comforters. The coverlets can be hand-stitched or they can be woven on a Jacquard loom. Matelasse fabric is actually made of other fabric textiles like cotton, polyester, chenille, silk, satin etc. However for bed coverlets, matellase in Egyptian cotton and silk are used which add a lovely texture to the look and feel of the bed coverlet.
Matellase Bed Coverlets

Since a bed coverlet covers just below both your mattress and box spring, a matalasse coverlet with complementing bed skirts can make your bed all the more attractive. The matelasse coverlet is a versatile and fashionable bed spread which can last for a long time as the matellase fabric is durable. The best part is that they can be washed many, many times and still show no signs of wear.

In the bedroom, besides the matellase bed coverlets, the fabric can also be used for making other bedroom items like as blankets, quilts, throw pillows, duvet covers, including bedding for cribs and small beds. This type of coverlet has warmth and coziness attached to it. The same can be used in draperies or curtains.

Matelasse coverlets are available in a diverse range of different diagrammatic and graphic options like as simple geometric patterns to intricate floral designs. There are some bed coverlets with novelty effects and even with metallic yarns. As such you will find a whole array of choices in matellase coverlets that can wonderfully make your bedroom a beautiful place to live in and relax.

These coverlets add a touch of sophistication and at the same time elegance to any bedroom decor. Enjoy your matellase bed coverlet for many years to come. This is one bed linen which you can pass it to next generation as a family heirloom.

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