Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pony Bead Patterns for Kids Craft


Children are very enthusiast about everything- including the craft projects they get to do for either school or even for fun! There are certain projects that are far more easier for children to follow. For example – pony beads crafts! Why only pony beads and not the other ones? Because pony beads are easy to handle. They are big and have bigger holes. So, kids find it fun to work with these pony beads. And why only children, even grown up women love to make pony bead patterns for attractive jewelry. 

Certain occasions are just perfect for engaging you an your kids in crafts like the festive occasions like Thanks Giving, Halloween, Christmas etc. Although market is full with all kinds of Cross beads for Christmas, a project made by own hand gives a different kind of satisfaction. You can use pony beads to make such Cross patterns and many other patterns like those of Santa Clause and Mrs Santa. Apart from Christmas specific crafts, there are multiple pony beads patterns that your children will love to make. Learn some of such pony bead patterns:

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