Monday, October 3, 2011

Change the look of your bedroom: Change bed linens, coverlets, window treatments & colors


Is your bedroom getting you down? Then its time for you to spruce up your room.
Well there are lots of options to change the look of your bedroom. Make it simple and economical. Then just change the bed linens and coverlets. Want to go for an extravagant change? Then color the walls of your bedroom. But the first option is easy. So start with that. Change your bedroom furnishings.
Bed Linens

Combine ready-made and custom linens for your bed. Start with inspiration from the brands at your favourite shopping mall. Or make an internet search for the latest designs.

The entire look of your room can be changed by changing the bed linens, coverlets, shams, duvet cover and throw pillows. Go for mix and match combinations. For festivals and special occasions, opt for silk and satin bed linens. Window treatments are also going to be important in highlighting the beauty of the windows. Use satin coverlets for the bed and matching hangings for the window treatments. Fabrics and pretty quilts and blankets can be mounted on walls like a tapestry. Or you can simply place them on the bed.

After you've decided on your bedding, start painting the walls. There are lots of bedroom color options depending on your taste and mood. Making such changes
can make your bedroom look more warm and inviting. Remodeling a bedroom, whether for an occasion or for comfort or for resale value, is all about your focus, your likes and budget. Making the room look fresh and new is all about changing the  color, the texture, the fabrics, lighting and ofcourse adding various other creative combinations. 

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