Monday, October 3, 2011

Importance of Antique Fabric


Antique fabric is well loved by everyone. Whether it is the home furnishings market or in the fashion designer market, there has been a growing demand for antique fabrics. Antique fabric has found a place in the hearts of many designers and prominent individuals. It has been the fabric of royalties in the past and the fabric of celebrities in this new age.

Recently, antique collectors and those interested in historic restoration have put a great value on many of these antique or vintage textiles. Antique fabrics are widely used in bedding textiles like as coverlets, quilts, blankets, along with pillows and sheets.

Antique tapestries, curtains, upholstery give a very vintage and retro look to a room but with  modern touch.

Antique fabrics are also used a lot by fashion designers for creating modern outfits like gowns, long skirts and dresses. Nowadays, for many, wearing something antique is a trend. 

It is to be noted that antique fabric is expensive. So fabrics manufacturers are recreating the antique look in new fabrics. This is done by dyeing and beaching. A complete new piece of fabric, preferably the natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen are dyed to give an antique look. There are many methods of dyeing. Many do this in their homes instead of buying the stuff from outside.

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