Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Indian Wood Work: The Traditional Art


India is known for its amazingly beautiful handicraft of wood carving. Being influenced by the diverse cultures and flavors in India, the designs and carvings too can be found in an array of different forms and types. Indian wood craft generally carries motifs which showcase the different culture and flora fauna of a particular region. The entire process of carving a piece of wood involves dedicated and well calculated strokes for chipping, carving and rounding the wooden surface. Skilled Indian artisans craft out exquisite pieces of traditional as well as contemporary designs on various wood items.
There are lots of reasons which support the existence and popularity of Indian wood work such as- availability of different types of wood, availability of skilled labor, presence of rich cultural traditions and values to inspire the wood art.
The major wood carving styles which are followed by the Indian artisans are:

Lattice Work
Lattice work is identified for its see through cut work. It basically involves carving on screens with exquisite see through cut work.

The undercut carving is derived from the traditional stone carving which is used for making sculptures. This kind of carving often incorporates seven different layers in the making. Undercut carving is generally done on panels.

Deep Carving
Deep carving refers to the particular style of wood art where the carving results into raised designs patterns. This particular carving is often used while designing antique wood furniture.

Engraved Carving
Engraved carving is done on thin panels running along the hem of the surface, with a motif in the very center. This is the characteristic feature of engraved carving.

Plain Carving
In this particular form of carving flat surface is used to carve out the desired design. It is rather the simplest form of wood carving amongst all kinds of wood carving.

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